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Dinah Veeris - Gifts of Nature

ĹThe medicinal and nurturing effect of herbs form the basis for the Dinah products. I gained my knowledge about this through tradition and study of the active ingredients of herbs.
In 'Den Paradera', my herb garden in Curašao, all knowledge comes together and I receive visitors from all over the world on a daily basis. I cordially invite you to continue reading and discover what Dinah can do for you.

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Herbs and their strength

The use of herbs and their medicinal effect goes back to the very beginning of our history.
The earliest civilizations already use plants instinctively for nutrition as well as healing. The ancient Egyptians also practiced herbal medicine. The Jewish inhabitation know clergymen who heal people with herbs. Around 460 BC, the father of medicine, Hypocrates, works in Greece. The Romans use herbs and flowers in various ways. In China, herbal systems have traditionally been developed for therapies. Indian Shamans and indigenous African cultures use herbs for healing and rituals.

Dinah's favorites

In 'Den Paradera' many herbs grow with extraordinary characteristics.
A number of them have extra significance for Dinah Veeris.
She loves to tell more about this.

Kalbas Moringa Kadushi

About Dinah and her herb garden 'Den Paradera' in Curašao

Of all herbal healers in Curašao, Dinah Veeris is the most well known. Dinah was born on April 20, 1939 as Lidwina Marciana Veeris in the Zaantjessteeg in Otrobanda.
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