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'Den Paradera', Dinah's herb garden

Dinah Veeris founded 'Dinah's Botanic and Historic Garden Den Paradera' in 1991. This herb garden is located on the east side of Curaçao and divided into three parts: the botanical garden, the historic garden and the production part including the shop.

The place you want to be
The name "Den Paradera" comes from the Indian name Paraguiri and was in the past the largest herb garden in Curaçao, located on the east side of the island. With the arrival of the Spaniards, the name changed to "En Paraldella". Much later this place was named "Den Paradera", meaning: where you want to stay.

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Home port

'Den Paradera' is Dinah Veeris' home port in Curaçao. Many of the ingredients that are found in Dinah's products originate from 'Den Paradera'.

In addition to the fact that a large number of medicinal and caring herbs grow for production, the garden also serves as an educational function on the island. Tourists, as well as school children, are welcome to gain knowledge and to be amazed about the use of medicinal herbs.


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