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ZjozjolÝ, Sesam

Is a plant from the pedaliaceae family. The species is probably one of the oldest oil-grown crops in the world. It is an herbaceous plant that grows between a half a meter and one meter. The flowers look like a thimble. Sesame is grown in tropical and sub-tropical regions throughout the world, but especially in Africa, South and Central America. The oil seeds are in a capsule. The seeds, oil and carrot are used for medical and culinary purposes. In Curacao the hair is washed with the leaves of the zozjoli. They are crushed finely and made into foam. We sow zjozoli in the garden and when the seeds are dry to harvest, we turn the plants around so that the seeds fall out.

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Herbs and their past

Dinah Veeris

The use of herbs and their medicinal effect goes back to the very beginning of our history.

The earliest civilizations already used plants instinctively for both nutrition and healing. Also, the ancient Egyptians practiced herbal medicine - at a particularly high level. The Jewish people know clergymen who heal people with herbs. Around 460 BC, the father of medicine, Hypocrates, works in Greece. The Romans use herbs and flowers in various ways. In China, herbal systems have traditionally been developed for therapies. Native American Shamans and indigenous African cultures use herbs for healing and rituals.
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