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Of all the herbal healers in Curaçao, Dinah Veeris is probably the most well known on the island. Dinah was born on April 20, 1939 as Lidwina Marciana Veeris in the Zaantjessteeg in Otrobanda. As a child she already wanted to become a teacher. At seventeen year old, Dinah is already standing in front of a class for the first time. Subsequently, she works in Curaçao, St. Maarten and in the Netherlands.
Bundled knowledge of herbs.
In addition to her job in education, Dinah Veeris is involved in research in the field of medicinal and nurturing herbs. In 1986 she studied at the California School of Herbal Studies in the United States. She also attends various workshops and conferences in among others Cuba, Indonesia, the Netherlands and Venezuela. Over the years, Dinah Veeris interviews many elderly wise people with knowledge of the functioning of herbs and other forms of health from body and mind.
In 1991 Dinah Veeris opens her own herb garden, 'Den Paradera'. A place where her collected knowledge is exhibited.

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Dinah Veeris, beautiful woman

A meeting with Dinah Veeris is an event that stays with you. She is an easy talker, a trait she may have retained from her years in theatre.
Her encyclopedic knowledge of herbs and their effect ensures that Dinah can provide an appropriate answer to almost any question. Her business instinct and her perseverance are admirable. And her enthusiasm and love for nature and for herbs in particular is contagious. Anyone who speaks to Dinah Veeris can only become enthusiastic about the world of medicinal herbs. Her world!

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